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Shoot-a-Way Gun Ball Retrieval System

The Shoot-a-Way gun system gives players the opportunity to burn in long-term muscle memory for shot repeatability. The machine acts as an automatic rebounder for increased speed between shots and a timing device tracks distance and speed of the player’s return passes so they can develop their shooting skills “off the move” and with game-like intensity. The Gun can fire up to 1800 shots per hour. For more information on this system, visit

94Fifty Basketballs

Gym Ratz uses the 94Fifty ball to not only provide shooting feedback on shot arc, shot release speed and ball rotation, but also to measure a player’s dribbling skills, providing the player a path to becoming a more effective and confident ball handler. The 360 degree, ball-view feedback provided by the ball is based on scientifically-based standards that compare a player’s skills to those of other players. The 94Fifty ties into an Ipad or iPhone APP that allows the player to see drills that they can do to improve each aspect of their dribbling. Competition among players can be done directly or through social media to challenge others. Players can check-out one of our iPads for use during their Gym Ratz sessions. For more information on the 94Fifty ball, visit:

Vertimax 8 Speed and Jump Training System

Our newest training addition, the Vertimax 8 is designed to increase vertical jump and first step quickness while maximizing a player’s abilities to dominate the court. Visit to see the complete list of top college and NBA teams that are using the Vertimax system and what their coaches have to say about the incredible impact its had on their players’ performance.