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Our gym in Richardson is equipped with five baskets on which players can work on their basketball training. Two are equipped with the Shoot-a-Way gun ball retrieval system to aid in maximum shots per minute (up to 300 per 30 minute session) and two are equipped with standard ball retrievals. As an option, players can also use one of the 94Fifty balls for shot arc and other feedback.



Gym Ratz is a unique gym specializing in basketball training. We provide basketball training programm tools that are cutting-edge technology and conditioning equipment to improve your skills. Our gym in Richardson, Texas serves beginners as well as advanced players. Our clients range from six years old to adults.

Any player can improve their skills on their own by using our equipment and practicing, or players can choose to  individualize their training with one of our expert basketball trainers.

Our belief is success as a basketball player requires consistent, year-round dedication to master the basic skills of ball handling and shooting. Players need the muscle memory of those skills in order to perform under the pressure during a game. Gym Ratz was built on this philosophy, so you will find plenty of baskets and ball handling areas to get an effective and timely workout.

New clients can find our monthly membership special on Living Social or Groupon or try one visit for $10.00. Clients who are under 18 need their parent to complete the waiver form prior to their first visit (see above).

In addition to shot arc feedback, Gym Ratz also uses the 94Fifty ball to measure players’ dribbling skills, providing each player a path to becoming a more effective and confident ball handler.

Coaches offer players instruction dependent on each player’s skill level and coach them in how to use their skills at game speed, enabling players to incorporate their skills into real game action.

Our belief is that success as a basketball player requires consistent, year-round dedication to mastering the basic skills of shooting and ball handling and then melding those skills into the game. Gym Ratz...

Theo Bowman | Coach Bowman has spent the past five years providing skills coaching to the 2010 – 2013 Richardson Varsity District Champion Berkner High, the Rams made the playoffs in...